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Dealing With Roof Insurance Claims
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HRC Offers Claim Assistance To Homeowners

When a residential or commercial roof is affected by nature or age, you may cringe at the thought of having to replace it. However, in many cases, your insurance will help cover the roof replacement cost. With roof insurance claims in Houston, TX having professionals on your side can make all the difference.

The problem is that when you hear the term roof insurance claims, you start to think about all the hassle and disappointment that may come with them. Many people think they should pay for their roof independently and avoid the claims process altogether. However, you pay for this insurance for these types of scenarios.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the best process and payout with roof insurance claims, working with a trusted roofing contractor who can help with this process is a must. Houston Roofing & Construction is the professional you can trust for this process.

Roof Insurance Claims Process In Houston, TX

Many homeowners wonder how the roof insurance claims work in the Houston, TX area. After all, making an insurance claim is something that many people have never done, or it has been years since they did this. The process can be lengthy, so it is time to start the process when you know there is roof damage.

1. Review Your Policy

Once you believe that roof damage is present, it is time to look at your current policy. With most regular home insurance policies, you will find that Mother Nature is one of those covered elements. And in most cases, the damage to a roof is often from a storm, or the consequences of a storm passing through, such as blowing down a tree onto your roof.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and start the process of claiming the damage on your policy. They are going to want to know what damage the roof has suffered, how it happened, and if an adjuster can come out to your home to inspect your roof.

3. Adjuster Comes Out To Survey The Damage

The adjuster will arrive at your home and start to survey the roof. They may ask you when the roof was originally installed on the home if there has been interior damage to the home due to the roof leaking or being damaged, or other relative information. He or she will often get onto the roof and take pictures to document damage to put into their report.

4. Insurance Company Makes A Decision

When the insurance company looks at the information that the adjuster has given, they will make a decision as to whether this is something that your policy covers. If they say no, they will send a letter informing you of this decision. If they say yes, they may ask if you have a preference on the roofing contractor that you want to work with, and they may even ask for bids from several before they agree to pay.

5. A Roofing Contractor Is Chosen

Once a roofing contractor is chosen, the insurance company will release a check to you in the amount that your insurance has said it will pay. In many cases, these insurance companies are going with the lowest quote that the roofing contractors provided for the damage. You will be responsible for paying for the deductible, which in most cases is around $1000.

6. The Work Is Completed

Once the check has been given to the roofing contractor, work can start, allowing you to get a new roof that is going to protect your home and look amazing.

How We Help With Roof Insurance Claims

The claims process may seem to be pretty straightforward, but there is always a chance that your insurance adjuster is going to deny your claim. This is one of the main reasons why Houston, TX homeowners need to turn to us to help with roof insurance claims.

Many times, insurance adjusters will state that certain damage is not Mother Nature related when in reality, it is. An insurance adjuster doesn’t just deal with roofs. They deal with property damage, car damage, and other elements. Long story short, they’re not roofing professionals like us. We’ve seen it all.

With us on your side for the roof insurance claim, we will take a look at your roof and document our own findings. We can send this to your insurance company and showcase the damage much better than an adjuster, putting more weight on your claim getting approved.

In addition, it takes away the step of getting quotes and having to choose a roofing contractor, as we will become the professionals to handle your roof.

FAQ About Roof Insurance Claims

Is it best to always call us first before dealing with the insurance?

Yes! We can make the claims process much shorter and help to ensure that your claim is approved.

Do we charge customers to be involved in their insurance claims?

Absolutely not! We provide free consultations and estimates for all our potential customers. For those trying to file and get a claim approved, we take a few extra steps to ensure that this paperwork shows the damage clearly, so you are approved.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

“We hired Houston Roofing and Construction for an insurance restoration project. Ryan (the Project Manager) was professional and very knowledgeable about both the insurance process and the restoration needs. Ryan and the team at HRC were easy to work with and I would strongly recommend them to anyone that is dealing with property insurance and/or residential construction needs.” – Richard J.

“I hardly leave reviews, but these guys helped me out a lot. I had to have my roof fixed under a pressing time hack (for insurance purposes) and decided to give these guys a call. The project manager, Ryan, came out the next day for a free consultation. Within 3 days I received a professional quote, contract, and a fixed roof – all within a reasonable budget. Would point any friend or neighbor in their direction for any roofing needs.” – tbirdusaf

When your roof is damaged, your home insurance is there for that purpose. Filing a claim can be a huge process, but with our help, it can be approved faster and a new roof could just be a few days or weeks away. Contact us today to get a free estimate on what your roof needs.

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