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Learn what you should expect from a free estimate on your homes roof.

Are you in the process of looking for roofing companies near me with free estimates? Getting a free estimate is a good step to take but you need to make sure it’s from a reputable roofing company. Do your research online to make sure the companies you’re comparing meet certain standards. To learn more about these standards read our blog post describing what you should look for when comparing roofing companies in Houston. One of the items in that post states the importance of hiring a local roofing company “near me”. You can get free estimates from dozens of roofing companies, but you shouldn’t trust one that isn’t based locally. They may not even be around in the next year or so if you have any warranty issues. Houston Roofing and Construction is locally owned and one of those “roofing companies near me with free estimates”. Continue reading below to learn about what to expect when you get a free estimate on your roof.

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What to Expect From a Free Estimate

When you get a free estimate from Houston Roofing and Construction you can be sure that we conduct a thorough review of the quality of your homes roof. To help better understand the free estimate you'll receive we want you to know some of the factors that might affect the price.

Overall Size of Roof
Pitch of Roof
Shingle Layers to Remove
Water Damage
Decking Damage
Structural Damage

The factors above are not the only variables used when calculating your roofing estimate but they’re the most influential ones. If you have any questions after the initial review of your free estimate you can always contact us for help. One of our staff at Houston Roofing and Construction will be more than happy to guide you through the estimate step by step. So if you’re looking for roofing companies near me with free estimates then call us today!

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