Houston Roofing Work Vehicle

CASE STUDY: Shane, Houston, TX 

“My Roof Is Perfect…And My Lawn
Is Squeaky Clean”

This Customer Couldn’t Believe How Efficient, Meticulous,

And HONEST We Were.

 Before contacting Houston Roofing, Shane had been through the wringer.

 He’d had eight roofers come to his home… and told every one of them to leave within the first 10 minutes of meeting them.

 The problem?

 “The other roofers I met were more interested in money than anything else,” Shane said.

They wanted Shane’s business, and they wanted a ‘yes’ from him RIGHT THEN. They were willing to promise all kinds of things without any proof to back up their claims.

 It’s a story as old as time – roofers placing profits over people. Roofing companies have a notoriously poor reputation for a reason…It’s well deserved!

 The roofers Shane invited into his home all tried to push him around. But Shane stood his ground. He knew an honest roofing contractor was out there. SOMEWHERE.

 That’s when he found Houston Roofing.

 The “Oasis” In The Roofing Desert

 As soon as Shane talked to us, he knew we were a different kind of roofing company.

“Houston Roofing was very direct and honest with me,” Shane said.

 We didn’t twist his arm. We assessed his roof, provided our honest recommendation, and stepped back to let HIM decide how to proceed. Just like we do with every homeowner we talk to.

 “In fact,” Shane said, “I asked them to do some fence repairs for me. They told me that, while they could do it, it would be cheaper for me to hire someone else.”

 It’s true. Fixing Shane’s fence would have been a quick buck for us. But what we’d charge to fix it would be substantially more than what a general handyman would.

 And that’s exactly what we told Shane.

 Installation Day Turned Out To Be A Scorcher 

 The day of Shane’s roof installation, the temperature was a sweltering 100 degrees. And Shane’s project wasn’t exactly small. Not only would we be replacing the roof on his home, but we would also be re-roofing Shane’s detached two-and-a-half-car garage.

 We arrived at Shane’s home at 9AM sharp. Despite the volcanic temperature, we completed the job with our typical precision, efficiency, and PASSION.

 By 5PM, we’d replaced both of Shane’s roofs… AND performed a meticulous cleanup around his home. After we complete a roofing job, we SCOUR a customer’s yard and driveway. We use a special magnet to pick up any chance of stray nails.

 Shane was blown away by how quickly we were able to do the job right and perform our post-project ‘housekeeping.’

 “The last time I replaced my roof I was picking up nails for months,” Shane said. “Houston Roofing left nothing to chance — and it showed. My roof is perfect for what I need and my lawn is squeaky clean.”

 And one of the things that impressed Shane the most? The day after the job, Shane woke up to see the project manager doing another sweep with the nail magnet to be absolutely sure that we nailed the cleanup (pun intended). 

 Shane was amazed. But at Houston Roofing, this level of meticulousness is par for the course.

 Bottom Line: We’re The Houston Roofer You Can TRUST

 Before contacting us, Shane had eight roofers out to his home. He kicked every one of them to the curb within 10 minutes of the appointment.

We were spared the heave-ho treatment for one simple reason: We treated Shane with RESPECT.

 We were honest. We didn’t twist his arm. We quoted a fair price for quality work. And that’s all Shane wanted in the first place.

 “I found Houston Roofing by googling ‘Top Roofing Companies In Houston,’” Shane said. “Boy, am I glad I did.”

 We are too – Shane is an awesome customer!

 If you want to skip the “needle in the haystack’ search for a roofing company you can trust, contact Houston Roofing today.