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CASE STUDY: Larry, Houston, TX 

“I Got A First Class Roof And Some Unexpected Perks”

After Being Badly Burned By A “Reputable” Roofing Company,

Houston Roofing Showed Larry That Trustworthy Roofers DO Exist

Two weeks before he reached out to Houston Roofing, Larry called a different roofing company to evaluate his roof. They asked for $2,000 upfront to cover his roof repairs. 

Fifteen minutes into the job, it started raining and they left — promising to return the following Monday. 

They never came back.

So when Larry contacted us to take a look at his roof, his opinion of roofing companies was pretty negative — for good reason. We had a lot to prove if we wanted to earn his trust.

But that wasn’t difficult for us, because we’re genuinely honest and upfront about EVERYTHING.

The Ugly — But Honest — Truth About Larry’s Roof

We looked at Larry’s roof and were straight up with him — there wasn’t enough damage to warrant a complete roof replacement

But then Larry gave us the backstory. 

Larry recently renewed his homeowner’s insurance and he noticed some confusing fine print about his roof replacement coverage. He ignored it at first, but then he decided to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on with his roofing coverage. 

“I went to the insurance agent’s office and they couldn’t explain it to me. Nobody I asked was able to give me a clear answer of what it meant for me practically.”

Concerned that his home was in jeopardy, Larry went from person to person to try to understand what was going on with his roofing coverage.

“Finally I talked to a broker and she summed it up for me: my roof exceeded coverage by 6 months so if anything happened to it I would need to pay the full deductible AND pay for the cost of a new roof.”

Not only that, if there was a storm and Larry’s roof blew off, causing internal damage to his home, that wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

Any way you slice it, Larry was in trouble if he left his roof as is. In the Houston area, a severe storm is not a rare occurrence. 

“I live 90 miles from the coast and get hurricanes every summer.”

Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, Larry decided to replace his roof right away with a company that provided a rock-solid warranty.

Houston Roofing fit the bill. 

With our 2 year workmanship warranty and 10 year material warranty, Larry didn’t have to worry about a storm tearing his roof off — even in 125mph winds.

“It Was The Small Perks That Made A Big Difference”

It was the small but meaningful gestures that made Larry realize Houston Roofing wasn’t your average roofing company.

“When I first called them, they said they would come out later that afternoon. 30 minutes later they were at my house.”

Not only did they arrive much earlier than expected, on installation day, they didn’t rush out at the first hint of dusk.

“They were supposed to leave at 7, but at 9 they were still working on my roof,” Larry said.

Larry was also impressed how they went beyond just ‘doing the job’. They did things like replace his vents and install new vent covers. They also replaced two big attic fans — all free of charge. 

When he received two follow-up calls from his project manager checking to see if he was happy with his new roof, Larry was 100% certain he made the right decision by going with Houston Roofing. 

For a company that will be honest with you from beginning to end and really care about your experience, contact Houston Roofing today.