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CASE STUDY: Jennifer, Houston, TX

How We Completed A 2-Day Roof Replacement
In 1 Day For This Houston Homeowner

We Pulled Out All The Stops To Get The Job Done Early…
Without Sacrificing An Ounce Of Quality.

Jennifer was on a tight timeline. She was leaving town the next day, and needed her roof to be fully replaced before she left. That left us with one day to complete the entire roof replacement job.

The duration of a roof replacement project depends on the complexity of the roof. Any complicated aspects, like steepness, dormers, and tight property lines can make it very tough — or impossible — to finish the whole roof replacement in just one day.

Lucky for us, Jennifer’s roof wasn’t very complicated or steep. It still was a tall order to finish everything in one day, but with the right planning and if our crew worked with maximum efficiency — it was doable.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we have a set of hard and fast values that inform everything we do. Shirking responsibility is NOT part of that. So, we did everything we could to give Jennifer her roof in the time-frame she needed it.

There were some obstacles standing in the way of us completing a project this fast, but with professional project management, we managed to overcome those hurdles. In the end, we fully replaced Jennifer’s roof in only one day, and she was able to leave town feeling fully at ease.

An Expanded Crew

There was no way our normal-sized crew would finish an entire roof-replacement project in one day. Instead of telling Jennifer that she needed to adjust her expectations — we adjusted ours.

The average crew is 8-10 workers. For this project, we brought in extra workers and expanded the crew so that there were enough hands on deck. With a larger than normal crew, we were able to slash labor time in half and complete the roof replacement project much faster.

Uncooperative Weather

As Murphy’s law would have it, the day of the roof replacement turned out to be a rainy one. Needless to say, rain is not the ideal conditions for a roof replacement. Water can damage the roof decking and make it harder for the shingles to stick properly.

Instead of driving off or killing time, the crew had everything ready to go at the drop of a hat. They stayed at the jobsite so that they could resume working the second that the rain stopped.

“The crew prepared everything, waited in their cars, and then got back to work when it stopped raining,” Jennifer said.

The rain stopped a short time later, and since everything was prepped and ready to go, the crew was able to start the roof replacement right away, without spending time setting up tarps and equipment.

The Wrong Time Of Year

If we were able to choose a time of year for this speedy project, it definitely wouldn’t have been during daylight savings. To replace a roof properly and precisely, our work crew needs to see exactly what they’re doing. Working in the dark is not an option.

When completing a roof replacement this fast, every minute is important. With daylight savings, the work day is cut short by an hour.

Despite this wrinkle, we were able to work efficiently enough to finish up before it got dark.

“Houston Roofing’s ability to meet my expectations stood out,” Jennifer said.

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