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CASE STUDY: Chris, Houston, TX 

“I Called Up GAF And Asked Them
About 3 Roofing Companies”

Everything They Told Chris Pointed Him In Our Direction

Chris is someone who seriously does his research. When he invests money in something, he wants it to be the RIGHT thing. He leaves no stone unturned.

“Before I buy anything — a car, a refrigerator, whatever — I always take 4 to 5 weeks to dig into all my options.”

That’s why he went straight to the source and contacted GAF directly to ask them about the roofing companies he was looking into.

The first company he asked about had entry-level certification.

The second company’s certification had lapsed in 2017 (and it was entry-level).

The third company had up to date certification at the highest level — GAF Master Elite certification. And this made them eligible for GAF’s rock-solid 25 year warranty.

The third company was Houston Roofing.

But It Wasn’t Only GAF That Convinced Chris — It Was His Project Manager, Blake, Who Sealed The Deal

Chris found Blake through his business card he posted on a site in response to someone asking about a roofing problem. And right off the bat, he was different from every other roofer.

“Something about him struck a chord with me. Most contractors are only interested in the sale, they aren’t in tune with your needs at all — Blake was different.”

Blake said he would swing by that day. True to his word, he arrived at Chris’s home by late morning. Blake took a look at Chris’s roof and impressed him with how open and upfront he was with his responses.

“The more I dug into Blake — and I had a lot of questions — the more prepared he was to answer them.”

Chris asked detailed questions about roofing components we use, the warranty we provide, and our installation process.

“I was in manufacturing. I’ve seen thousands of salespeople. Blake was the real thing.”

The more answers he received from Blake, the more Chris was impressed by his straightforwardness.

“Blake came across as the most genuine guy. He was sold on Houston Roofing — and when he was done talking to me — I was sold too.”

“My Wife Wanted A Pewter Gray Roof, So Houston Roofing Gave Us A Pewter Gray Roof”

Chris’s wife thought a pewter gray roof would look better than charcoal. They’d been told by a few contractors that their roof would look great in that color.

It’s a hard color to find, and we didn’t have it in stock. But that didn’t stop us from getting it.

“Other contractors told me it’s not available, it would be too hard to find, or they would only look for that color if I gave them half the money down. But Houston Roofing didn’t make any excuses. At that point it became a home run for Houston Roofing.”

“A Competitor Called Me After Seeing My Roof To Tell Me It Looked Great”

Chris’s roof looked so good that a roofing contractor he had looked into but ultimately didn’t go with, felt compelled to call him and congratulate him on his gorgeous roof.

“He asked me where in the world I got that pewter gray.”

And he wasn’t the only one who noticed Chris’s roof.

A while later, a neighbor passed by Chris’s home and asked him who put his roof up. Chris called Blake on the spot and he was at her house within the week.

“Blake repaired her roof and she was so pleased she bought me a fruit basket.”

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