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Residential Roofing Company in Houston

Houston Roofing & Construction has reached the pinnacle of the residential roofing vertical and offers exceptional products, service, and installation practices. It’s our sincere goal to provide each homeowner with as much information as possible to make an informed decision regarding their project, and to provide exceptional service in delivering on our promises.

Houston Roofing and Construction has been a well-known Residential Roofing Company in Houston for several decades. Our company is family owned, locally operated and our team of professional roofers complete every residential roofing job with the exact same attention to quality and craftsmanship. Whether your home is getting older and needs a Roof Replacement or if there was recently bad weather in your neighborhood and you need Storm Damage Roof Repair, we can help. At Houston Roofing and Construction we can assist with the Insurance Claims process. Let us explain the reasons you should not fall victim to the “Get a Free Roof” process and guide you through the proper insurance claim procedures. There are many common misconceptions that can lead homeowners in the wrong direction while going through the claims process. We offer a free consultation regarding your claim.

We know it’s difficult to choose the right roofing contractor. Please take a moment to read reviews our Residential Roofing Company in Houston has received and learn for yourself why we’re the best choice. Our GAF Master Elite status and BBB A+ rating should also be considered as hallmarks of years of delivering exceptional service in the Houston market.

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Valuable Expertise. Better Results. At Houston Roofing and Construction we live by these words; proving on every project that our years of Residential Roofing experience in Houston give our customers the best possible end result. When you hire a professional roofing company like Houston Roofing & Construction you are entrusting your most valuable possession to the best Residential Roofing Company in Houston, Texas. We practice good communication, prompt action, accurate estimating, and strive to deliver exceptional service. Our goal is to treat every customer like family and deliver our services as if we were working on our own home. Please call us today for a free, no obligation evaluation of your project. We look forward to showing you why Houston Roofing & Construction is the best Residential Roofing Company in Houston, Texas.

Our Residential Houston Roofing Services:

  • Residential Roof Replacements
  • Residential Roofing Repair
  • Residential Roof Inspections
  • Residential Roof Storm Damage Repair
  • Residential Roof Insurance Claims

Providing New Residential Roofs, Roof Replacements, Repairs & More

The roof system is a vital aspect of any home. It provides protection for your entire home and family, so you need ensure that the proper materials, components, and application practices are employed in its repair and replacement. Houston Roofing & Construction utilizes the highest quality materials and best roofing practices with every residential roofing project.

With differing types of roof systems and the complexity of each individual structure, it takes an expert to determine which is the best fit for your home. The processionals at Houston Roofing & Construction are here to help make this decision easier.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a new residential roofing system. Of course, cost and durability head the list, but aesthetics and architectural style are important, too. The following roofing products are commonly used for steep-slope structures. Let us help you start the process with a free, no obligation consultation.

Asphalt Shingles – The most common shingle used in the U.S. These shingles can be reinforced with organic or fiberglass materials. Although asphalt shingles reinforced with organic felts have been around much longer, fiberglass-reinforced products now dominate the market.

Wood Shingles and Shakes – Wood shingles and shake shingles are made from cedar, redwood, southern pine and other wood types. Wood shingles are machine sawn; shakes are handmade and rougher looking. A point to consider: Some local building codes limit the use of wood shingles and shakes because of concerns about fire resistance.

Tile (Clay or Concrete) – Tile is a durable roofing material with many different styles, colors, and finishes. Tile Systems are designed to meet certain aesthetic and design styles, and are heavy compared to other residential roofing systems. If you are replacing another type of roof system with tile, you will need to verify that the current roof structure can support the heavier load.

Slate – Slate is considered virtually indestructible. There are several different colors and finishes, and most of these depend on where the rock is quarried. Slate is more expensive than other roofing materials, and requires special skill and experience for installation. There are several synthetic products on the market that offer the look and feel of slate without the high cost.

Metal – There are two types of metal roofing products: panels and shingles. Apart from metal roofing’s longevity, metal shingles are relatively lightweight, have a greater resistance to adverse weather, and can meet specific aesthetic and design goals.

Roof Repair & Replacement – Roof damage can occur during strong storms, high winds, and bad weather. Most storm damage to a roof is not easily visible, therefore it is important to receive a complimentary inspection from Houston Roofing as soon as possible to see if your roof is still protecting your home adequately. It is vital that you have a roofing contractor present when your roof is inspected by the insurance adjuster. It is not possible to make an insurance adjuster approve damage repairs that don’t exist, but a good roofing contractor can point out damages that the adjuster may have overlooked. Contact Houston Roofing today for your roof repair and roof leak repair needs.

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