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You might feel overwhelmed when selecting a color for your roof, as it is one of the largest components of the exterior of your home. There are many things to consider before choosing a roof color, like style, neighborhood, location, and climate.

You certainly don’t want to replace your roof a second time, so it’s important to feel confident in your decision! Fortunately, at Houston Roofing and Construction, we want to help you find the perfect color for your roof.

With our experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about finding the ultimate solution for your home. Here are some tips we’ve gathered along the way, ensuring you find your perfect roof

Consider Your Local Climate 

In Houston, TX, summers can easily reach 100 degrees, covering the area in sweltering heat and humidity. Because roofing often provides insulation and protection from the elements, you’ll want a color that repels heat instead of absorbing it.

Choosing a lighter color roof will help you and your family stay comfortable all summer long. Black shingles will only absorb sunlight and transfer that heat throughout your home, something you don’t want come summertime.

However, lighter color shingles won’t absorb as much heat and also possibly reflect sunlight, allowing your home to stay cooler. Not only will you stay more comfortable, but your home will be more energy efficient, lowering your carbon footprint. Knowing your home is eco-conscious is a great incentive to choose a lighter color roof.

Your Roof Color Should Be Darker Than Your Home 

Selecting a shingle color darker than the rest of your exterior home is usually one of the first guidelines a homeowner will discover when researching. The main reason for this is visual – a house with a roof darker than its exterior paint or vinyl color will look more visually appealing.

It’s easier on the eyes and gives your home greater curb appeal. However, this isn’t to say you must choose a black roof. Plus, this guideline can get tricky if your home already has a dark exterior. Instead of black, which absorbs heat, as we’ve learned, a variety of other neutral tones are available that vary in shade.

For instance, if your home has a sand tone, a slightly darker shade of brown would be ideal for your roof. The contrast will look great, and your home will remain cooler and more energy efficient in the summer.

Incorporate Your Home’s Style 

With Houston’s abundance of cultural mixing, we’re lucky to have a large number of architectural influences. Because of this, there are a variety of house styles, including traditional, classic, craftsman, Spanish, and modern. Each style offers its benefits and charms, but the variety can make it hard to find the right roof.

Generally, more traditional and classic homes look best with a darker, neutral tone. It’s hard to go wrong with this roof color paired with a classic house. It gives your home an overall timeless look and natural feel. It’ll also help give your home curb appeal without it standing out in an unattractive way.

More modern homes may want to get more adventurous and explore other colors. It’s still best to stay in a neutral realm, but there is more room for exploration with a modern home. If your home is stucco or Spanish-style, adobe tile roofs are a must-have, completing the whole look.

Think Of Other Homes In Your Neighborhood 

When choosing the right color for your home, it’s also important (and kind) to think about your surrounding neighbors. Some neighborhoods have strict HOA guidelines for replacing or installing anything new on your exterior, so it’s always best to gain their approval beforehand.

If you are free to choose any roof color and style you want, it’s still good to access the other roofs in your neighborhood, as this may guide you on your decision. As much as we want our homes to stand out, we want them to stand out for the right reasons.

Choosing a green roof in a neighborhood with classic neutral tones will draw the wrong kind of attention and be an eyesore for your neighbors. You want your roof to blend well with the surrounding area, adding to neighborhood cohesion.

Match Your Roof Color To Your Trim 

If you still feel completely lost when choosing the right roof color, you can always match your roof color to your home’s trim. Matching these colors is a good rule of thumb and almost always leaves you with a great-looking roof and exterior.

Your home’s exterior trim includes soffits, fascia boards, corner posts, columns, and frieze boards, all elements that help frame your home and complete its overall look. Typically, your trim is darker in color than the rest of your home’s exterior paint or siding, making your roof the last piece connecting them all.

However, if you don’t like the color of your trim, you can always choose the roof color you want and then paint the trim afterward to match it. It’s a great way to pull the whole look of your home together, uniting all of the elements beautifully.

We’ll Help You Find The Perfect Roofing Color
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