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Reasons to Hire a Commercial Roofing Company

Houston Roofing is a bit different from other roofing companies out there. We are actually commercial roofers that also do residential roof repair and replacement. Think about hiring a company that has such a great deal of experience in roofing, but also understands structure and the importance of safety and accountability. This is just the […]

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Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter?

Can You Replace Your Roof In The Winter? Most would think that it is impossible to replace their roof during the winter months, but they’d be wrong. Some roofing companies stay busy all year long, working in all kinds of weather. However, in the winter, they need to take precautions and pay close attention to […]

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This Blue Roof Is Proof Positive That We Do WHATEVER It Takes To Make Houston Homeowners Happy

At Houston Roofing & Construction, We’re Not Scared Off By “The Impossible” Quick question: When’s the last time you remember seeing a home with a blue roof in the Houston area? Think about it for a second. Most residential roofing shingles are shades of gray or brown or black. You just don’t see blue shingles […]

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18 Parts Of A Roof And Their Functions

The 19 Main Parts Of A Roof System And What They Do Learn To Speak “Roof” With Authority Most homeowners in the Houston area are just happy to know their roof isn’t leaking and never give it another thought. But when trouble comes knocking and you need your roof repaired, it’s helpful to speak your […]

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