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Will Insurance Replace The Damaged Roof On Your Houston Home?

The Ins & Outs Of Insurance Coverage If you’re a homeowner in Houston, you probably already know that home insurance is never as simple as we want it to be. When it comes to getting your roof replacement covered by insurance, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of insurance coverage.  Cause Of Damage […]

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Does Building Insurance Cover Commercial Roof Replacement?

Does Your Building Insurance Cover Replacing Your Commercial Roof? The Time To Check Is Before You Need To Use It Commercial building insurance in the Houston area is a lot more complicated than homeowner’s insurance. Business owners have to monitor their policies for changes constantly, and their reporting responsibilities are extensive. Tracking and reporting changes […]

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The ONE Thing Your Houston Home Insurance Company Does NOT Want You To Know

Do This One Thing Before You Call Your Insurance Adjuster And Save On Roofing Costs Mr. and Mrs. Riley are a couple in their mid-fifties. Their bucket list consists of paying off their mortgage, fixing odds and ends around their home, and planning for retirement. After a particularly violent hail storm, the Rileys suspect that […]

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How Hail Damages Your Roof: Top Things To Look Out For [Updated for 2021]

A hail storm rolled into Houston a few weeks back, and many homeowners breathed a sigh of relief when they did a quick ‘spot check’ of their roof and didn’t see anything wrong. Before you celebrate, it’s important to understand that just because YOU can’t see any damage to your roof – it doesn’t mean […]

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Recoverable Depreciation 101 | A Houston Homeowner’s Guide

When it comes time for roof replacement, most homeowners do not have the full cost in cash, prepared to be handed over as soon as it’s needed. This is especially true if your roof is damaged in an accident or storm, facilitating the need for a more sudden roof replacement. That’s why home insurance exists, […]

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