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How To Maintain Your New Roof

7 Tips To Maintain Your New Houston, TX Roof  Safeguard Your Home From the Elements Your Houston roof is one of the first lines of defense your home has against the elements – and routine maintenance is the best way to keep it functioning for years to come. A robust and sturdy roof can keep […]

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How Hail Damages Different Roofing Materials

How To Spot The Different Ways Hail Can Damage Your Houston, TX Roof Protect Your Roof Against The Elements With Hail Proofing Houston homeowners see a fair share of hailstorms. The Houston area has been under a severe weather warning 72 times in the past 12 months, with Doppler radar detecting hail on 11 days. […]

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You’re Ready To Go Solar, But Is Your Roof

6 Ways To Know If Your Houston, TX Roof Is Solar Ready  Going solar is a dream for many Houston, TX homeowners. You may be drawn to the idea of being less energy-dependent, more environmentally responsible, or seeing reduced energy bills. However, before you jump in headfirst and have solar panels installed on your roof, […]

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Roof Inspections: How They Help You Save Money

A Yearly Roof Inspection Could Save You $$$  When was the last time you had your Houston roof inspected? You may wonder why you would do this unless you know there is a problem, and that is a very common homeowner behavior. When you experience a roof leak, you may automatically think you need a […]

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Can High Winds Really Damage a Roof? How Strong Do They Need To Be?

Understanding How Mother Nature Could Affect Your Roof The wind is always a worry here in Houston, TX. Whether we are dealing with the tropical storm season or we have a quick-developing front – the wind can pack a gusty punch. When we do deal with gusty winds, how are these winds affecting the roof […]

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