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What Happens If You Ignore A Leaky Roof

5 Ways A Leaky Roof Will Destroy Your Houston Home If You Spot ANY Of These Warning Signs, Get A Roof Inspection Before It’s Too Late Any time there is damage to your residential or commercial roof, it can be a recipe for disaster if you take no action to correct this damage. A leaky […]

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Understanding Roofing Insurance Claims

Understanding Roofing Insurance Claims For Your Houston TX Home The Secret To Success Is Having A Houston Roofing Company On Your Side Home insurance is required when you are paying a mortgage, and it is recommended that you keep this policy even after your home is owned. When an issue arises with your residential roof, […]

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My Roof Is Leaking: What Should I Do?

Leaky Roof? 10 Signs To Watch Out For In Your Houston Home When A Leaky Roof Becomes A Problem, Calling A Roofing Contractor Is A MUST. A leaky roof in your Houston area home is not something to put off. Even one small leak can create a massive disaster within your home. Ten obvious signs […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Leaky Roof

Have you recently noticed a leak in your roof?  This is never something that you want to wake up to in the morning, especially after a storm that just rolled through your neighborhood.  Your first thought may be how much it will cost to repair the damage.  Here at Houston Roofing we can help you […]

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What Is Flashing On The Roof And What Is Its Purpose

You may have heard of flashing when you were searching for information about your roof or because you have noticed a leak.  It’s important to understand why roofers install flashing, its purpose, and what can happen to it over time.  Houston Roofing and Construction professionals are experts in roof repair and also educated on flashing, […]

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